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Common Questions


Q & A

Here I try to answer the most common questions that I hear. Over time more may be added. Any other questions you may have please let me know.

Before you read on I am going to get one of the biggest problems that I deal with on a regular basis and that is the low ballers!!
To the people that accept the lowest prices in town and the best service




Q:   How come you work out of your home?


A:   Working out of my home saves money for everyone and keeps costs low. Sure, I could open a location somewhere but then that would mean all costs go up including labor/parts and I would need to hire staff. Some people may be turned off by the idea of me working from home and just go retail because they would think that I don't have the experience. Just because I don't have a retail location does not mean that I do not have the experience in my field. Most retail stores have a huge turn over rate that they would have to hire anyone that watches YouTube thinking they can fix a computer!


Q:   Why should I bring my computer to you instead of a retail store?


A:   That’s a good question! I have over 25 years experience with computer repairs. My prices are lower, that does not mean my work quality is low as I always maintain the highest work quality! Then there is trust, when it comes to personal files and information everything is kept confidential, secure and none of my business! Last but not least, most work done within the same day! So, you can get back to working or gaming.

Q:   Do you charge a diagnostics fee?


A:   YES, there is a diagnostics fee, even if you have brought it to other shops and they couldn't find out the problem there will still be a fee!! If you are bringing it to an expert to find out the problem you can't expect it to be free! Everyone has bills to pay. One more thing to remember is that the "Diagnostics" is just that! a Diagnostics!! It doesn't mean that we will fix the problem.  It just means we will find out what the problem is and then to move forward we can give you an estimate on the cost to fix the problem! That's what a "Diagnostics" is folks!


Q:   Do you charge a Mobile fee?


A:    Yes I do, there is a Mobile fee but its way cheaper than anywhere else. This fee is necessary to cover gas, insurance and maintenance on vehicle.

Q:   What are some of the things you don't repair? (Always Updating!)


A:    I DO NOT REPAIR:   Apple Products, Chromebooks, Cell Phones, Anything Resembling A Tablet, Desktop Monitors, Gaming Consoles/Controllers, Printers (Mechanically Broken), Hard Drives, Cables

Q:   Services that you don't offer as a tech? (Always updating!)


A:    I DO NOT:   Clean Printers, Refill Ink Cartridges, Software Troubleshooting, hacked email/Facebook/Instagram accounts.

Q:   Do you offer other services other than computer repair? (Always updating!)


A:    Yes I do! Photo Enhancements, Soldering - There is more but currently can't remember haha.  You could always ask as I do have many talents. 

Q:   Could you tell me what's wrong with my computer and how to fix it over the phone/txt/email for free??

A:    NO!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Any and all problems will have to go through a diagnostics process at my shop or if you need mobile!! If every shop gave out free tips and tricks we would all be out of business! 

Q:   You say the job is going to cost this much? Can you do it for this much instead?


A:   NO! My prices are always low and I will not be bartered with! Even if you are my neighbor, friend of the family, second cousin twice removed, student, retired or my top customer.

Q:   Could you fix my broken laptop screen today?


A:   NO! Unfortunately nobody stocks laptop screens unless its for a model that is known to have issues with it. The screen would have to be ordered which usually takes 1 day to receive depending on when its ordered.  When it arrives I can repair your screen same day!

Q:   Can I just show up to have my desktop/laptop looked at?


A:   Unfortunately, no as I am not always in my shop. Please send me a txt/email/call and I should be able to help you out the same day. Thank you!

Q:    Has my new part arrived yet?

A:    If I have ordered a part for you please DO NOT! message me asking if it has showed up yet. I always inform you when you order it with a rough time on when it will show up and then when it does I will immediately txt\call you when it comes to my door!

Q:    I dropped my Hard Drive can you fix it?


A:    NO! If you have dropped your mechanical hard drive I can not fix it and no one in town will be able to.  Now if you need data recovery for that drive I would have to send it away to the pros to be able to get your data back!


Q:    I am having this one problem with my computer can you have a look?


A:    Sure not a problem!  But please don't tell me you have only one problem and then I fix it and all of a sudden you have 10 other problems that you need me to look at and expect the price to be the same. My quote is usually for the problems you describe at the beginning anything after that you will be charged more! 

Q:    I can't connect to my internet can you help?


A:    That is a problem with your internet provider.  Unplug your modem for 30 seconds and plug it back in and wait until all the lights stop flashing and see if that works.  If not contact your provider and see if there is an outage in your area.  Possibly there could be something wrong with your modem as well.

Q:    My E-Mail/Facebook account has been hacked and can't get in can you help!

A:    You can easily fix this problem yourself as I don't do this type of service as it can be a real pain especially when you don't remember your information such as passwords/email etc..  All you need to do is put down forgot password and they will ask you some questions or send you a txt message to confirm its you. If you don't have any of these well it gets harder to get your account back.  You would have to contact whoever your account is associated with! Or open new accounts.

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