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Windows PC Repair

I offer PC Repair at affordable prices. 99% same day turnaround service!!

Contact me today for your PC Diagnostics to see how I can improve your computer’s performance.


Are you getting blue screens, shut downs randomly, making weird noises or just not working right? Not a problem, ill do a diagnostic on it and find out what the problem is!


With the full tune-up will do a complete system clean up of all Temporary files, Junk files, Obsolete Registry files, Startup files and scan for any viruses/malware. So your computer will run its best!


This service is perfect if you are looking to upgrade your hard drive or just have a backup. If its a new hard drive I can clone your old one right onto your new one without data loss. Just want data backed up to USB or external for safety? No problem! 


Did you forget your password to your local account on your computer? With this service I can wipe it clean and add a new one or no password at all.


Think you may have a Virus, Malware or even Spyware?  Let me get rid of that for you. If caught in time and removed, the damage to files and operating system is minimized and can be fixed. Wait to long you can loose files and may need to factory reset you computer.


Computers can get really dusty inside and clog up parts so there unable to breath and get fresh air flow.  This can overheat and damage your computer.  Let me do a Power Clean and help it breath again. It also includes outside case also.


Sometimes a fresh start on a computer is a good thing.  Maybe there is just to much stuff that has been installed and you don't need it all anymore or maybe Windows is causing problems and you have no choice but to start fresh. I will wipe entire drive clean and re-install Windows. 


Delete a file by mistake or are your files being corrupted? Stop what you are doing! Most of the time files can be recovered as long as the sector on the Hard drive is not overwritten with new data. Maybe Windows is saying some of your files are corrupted? Could be that your Hard drive might be damaged! It can sometimes be fixed so you can backup data and get a new Hard Drive.


I do custom builds to your needs. Gaming, Workstation or just browsing the web?  We can sit down and come up with a solution for all your computer needs.






There are many more services available, please don't hesitate to ask.

If there are any other services that you would like to see The PC Repair Guy offer please send your suggestions through the contact section, Thanks!





Wire break off? Doing some custom work? Don't have the proper equipment or skill? No problem, I offer soldering services as well!  

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